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    HINO NEWS-2022/01/21

    Posted on 21/01/2022

    Isuzu and Cummins announce battery electric truck collaboration in North America

    On January 20, 2022, Isuzu Motors Limited and Cummins Inc. announced an agreement to create a prototype medium-duty battery electric truck to demonstrate in North America. This truck represents the first zero-emissions solution facilitated by the Isuzu Cummins Powertrain Partnership (ICPP) formed in May 2019.

    Through this arrangement, Cummins will integrate the Cummins PowerDrive6000 into Isuzus F-Series truck and will pilot the truck with prominent North American fleets beginning in 2022. Following a successful demonstration and pilot phase, Isuzu will explore opportunities to commercialize medium-duty battery electric trucks with Cummins-powered systems across North America.

    As part of the path to carbon neutrality, it is significant for us to start this joint BEV prototype project in North America. Through our partnership, we commit to continuing to explore further opportunities in the next generation power source including electric powertrain technologies in addition to the existing powertrain collaboration, said Koichi Seto, Director of the Board, the Senior Executive Officer at Isuzu.

    Isuzu and Cummins continue to innovate and advance the future of power to support customers in achieving zero-emissions. Benefitting from each others unique strengths, the companies will seek opportunities to further expand collaborations to drive global growth. (Isuzu press release on January 20, 2022)


    HINO NEWS-2022/01/20

    Posted on 20/01/2022

    Hino and Three Other Companies Start Demonstrating Optimal Operation Management for Electric Vehicles with Dutro Z EV

    On January 19, Hino Motors, ASKUL Corporation, and CUBE-LINX Inc. announced that they will start a demonstration experiment for the optimal operation management of electric vehicles using two Hino Dutro Z EV light-duty electric trucks developed by Hino.

    The experiment will be conducted from January 19 to May 31 at ASKUL's Shinkiba Logistics Center, a last mile delivery base. In addition to verifying the usability of the Dutro Z EV, the experiment will test the effectiveness of CUBE-LINX's "optimal operation management for electric vehicles," which integrates vehicle dispatching, driving routes and recharging plans. The knowledge gained from the demonstration experiment will be used to develop and improve electric vehicles and to solve problems during their introduction and operation, thereby contributing to the promotion of electric vehicles.

    CUBE-LINX is a joint venture established by Hino and Kansai Electric Power in May 2021. By providing a total package that includes the vehicle and its operation, Hino will help customers solve the problems of introducing and operating electric vehicles, and promote the spread of electric vehicles toward the realization of carbon neutrality.

    The "Dutro Z EV" measures 4.7m in length, 1.7m in width, and 2.3m in height, and is powered by a 50kW permanent magnet synchronous motor and a 40kWh lithium-ion battery. With its walk-through structure and ultra-low floor structure, it can contribute to improving workability and reducing the burden on drivers in the last mile. According to the earlier announcement, the company plans to introduce the model to the market in early summer 2022. (HINO released)


    HINO NEWS-2022/01/19

    Posted on 19/01/2022

    Chinas Westwell starts production of Q-Truck, an intelligent battery-swap driverless commercial vehicle

    On January 15, Shanghai Westwell Information and Technology Company Ltd. (Westwell), a Chinese developer of autonomous driving solutions and products, announced that it has realized mass production of the Q-Truck, an intelligent battery-swap driverless commercial vehicle, in Shanghai.

    In September 2018, Westwell released the Q-Truck, the first fully unmanned commercial vehicle in the world. This vehicle has no human cab, and its mass production began in 2019. At present, the Q-Truck fleet is set up in Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Xinjiang, China.

    In November 2021, Westwell launched the Qomolo One, a multi-use unmanned heavy-duty mobile platform. The Qomolo One can carry both passengers and goods, able to be flexibly employed in various scenarios.

    Westwells self-developed WellOcean AI smart port solution and the Qomolo new energy driverless commercial solution have been applied to over 80 ports and logistic parks across the world. Currently, Westwell is running nearly 100 driverless vehicles across the globe. Regarding ports as a cornerstone, Westwell is constantly expanding its network of logistics resources and capacity for the purpose of developing driverless technology backed by AI. (From a Westwell WeChat platform press release)